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The innovative applications for the leading cases

The responsibility, the speed and the price can tell the difference. Just by choosing the most interesting points for your case, you’ll have your applications in the App Store and Play Store in a shortest time.

You choose, we grow. (Personalized applications: you are free to choose your username, your design, your wallpaper, even the language of the app and our official website, English or Spanish).

  • PROGRAM / It will show every activities of an event, and is organized by the date. So the assistant can add them into your personal timetable in the app.
  • PLAN / Offer a plan that shows the enclosure if the event.
  • MY SCHEDULE / The assistants will complete your personal timetable will activities considered that you may be interested in.
  • SPONSORSHIP / Increase your income by adding sponsors in the initial screen of the App.
  • ANALYTICAL / Moving on to the future. When you finish the event, you’ll receive statistics about the use of the app (answers to your questions, evolution of downloads, updates...).
  • LANGUAGES / Be international! Choose the language you want to show the meaning of the context.
  • PLACES / Provide you all the information and calculate the traffic of the places you interested in in the map.
  • INFORMATION / Offer all the information about the event, presentation, documents, connections, videos you are interested in and organizer. What’s more, it receives your feedback about the event.
  • Sponsors / To increase your benefits included protecting your pictures, descriptions and webs. Our users can recommend all this in the social page.
  • MESSAGES / Send messages of information or promotions which can be saved in your mailbox when you start the App.
  • PUSH / Add it to your messages, you’ll receive a notice every time when you got a mail, even you are not using the App.
  • GUIDE MAP / Navigation connected with information of the places and calculates the traffic.
  • COMPANIES AND SPEAKERS / Show information of companies and the profile of proposers, with all those activities they participate in.
  • SPEECHES / It’ll be joinable. Including presentations, questions, feedback and a connection with twitter hashtags.
  • SECURITTY / Protect all your proposals, documents, connections andonly allow registered users to use.
  • NETWORKING / User’s profiles can improve the collides and new contacts to the assistant.
  • ANALYTICS PREMIUM / Totally introduce the use of the app.
  • APP DESIGN / Your app will be designed adapted to your event, exclusively.

App Fairs

App Ferias

App for Fairs

The most presentable stands with interactive plans. Easily locate all the companies and calculate the traffic. Improve your fair’s reputation. You’ll get a fair amount of prestige with your App.

See various advantages of having this application:

  • Save the signpostings and personnel costs
  • Save the printing cost
  • Repercussions from companies
  • Make your assistant feel comfortable
  • Make your assistants productive
  • Create eco-friendly event
  • Increase your income by making advancements
  • Maximum of benefits
  • Show you the latest changes
  • Maximum of repercussion
  • Control your event
  • Event 2.0
  • Satisfy a hundred percent your assistant

App Congress

App congresos

App for Congress

Innovative and participative applications for conference.
It creates a conference 2.0 to attract the attention of the participators by holding vote and sending comments. It receives feedback to be improved in the future, and provides presentations in different languages. Show every speaker his speech and all the information he or she may need.

Provide personal profiles for the assistants to help them improve their networking and satisfaction.

  • Maximum of participation
  • increase your income by sending you advices
  • Receive comments and votes in a true time
  • Show the latest changes
  • Provide presentations in different languages
  • Control your event
  • Receive feedback of every speech
  • Event 2.0
  • Save your printing cost
  • Satisfy a hundred percent your assistant
  • Comfort your assistant
  • Create a green-event
  • Maximum of repercussion
  • Increase the benefit
  • Inform your assistants
  • Maximum of repercussion
  • Improve the reputation

App Cities

App ciudades

App for cities

¡Come and join our city 2.0!

The power of tourism in your city. Offer information of the tourist attractions, activities, festivals and exhibitions… It will save the cost of distribute the programs, and give you an image of the city with the idea and the atmosphere of it.

  • Improve the tourism
  • Innovatory and ecological city
  • Satisfy the visitors
  • Comfort the citizens
  • Save the tourist handbook cost
  • Economic programs
  • Visible for companies
  • Show the furthest novelties
  • Maximum of benefits
  • Inform citizens

Other Events

App ciudades

Other Events

Build your own applications.

Whatever your event is you can choose the model and design your App.

Our team of experts can offer you advices to help you to choose the best app for your conferences,plenaries, schedules… Present you our innovative product and help you to get the maximum of repercussion.

The best exclusive app for your wedding, including videos, photos, wedding’s guests list, menu...

If you are an organization, professional school, university or a company, contact us to find the best solution with the lowest price.

See here all the models that you can choose.