More Services

Servicio profesional, garantía de éxito

More Services

Professional service, the guarantee of achievement.

We offer you other professional services to make your event successful. our expert team provide you the best solution for your needs. We work in a proprietary way with every customer. We will be here always with you.

We offer you a complete service of improvement and manage all the applications. You just need to tell us what you need this app for and from this moment we will take care of everything (design, improvement, resolve user’s problems...).

Improvement of the Apps

Desarrollo de Apps

Improvement of the Apps

We offer you applications that meet your needs. Whatever you want to be different or you want your app 100% adapt your service. We will learn your requirements, your aims and your ideas, then give you the best solution.


We combine the app of your event with your system and the apps you already have. Registers of the entrance tickets, control the entrance, website, forms, and so on. All this are included in a unique instrument.

New modules

We adapt our app with particular characters of your event. Including new models with functional natures which can provide you the best solution.

Apps for companies

We develop proprietary applications for all kinds of companies. Catch the advantages of the emerging technology.

  • Improve service’s quality
  • Develop the productivity
  • Save costs
  • Provide immediate access in a long-range

Apps management

Gestión integral de Apps

The complete management of Apps

We’re taking care of you

We offer you a complete management for your applications, from the beginning to the end. Tell us your needs and we will help for the app’s design, for you to have the best application for your event, company or your city.

The design your App

You’ll get a unique application. We design your application with pictures and symbols that transmit the image of the brand you are looking for.

Management of the backend

Are you always busy? We will manage the data update for your applications, to make sure is always innovated the continuous operation and our user can receive all the information he wants liberate you from all the modifications and changes of the context and variations in a shortest time.

Technical support

A tu servicio 24 horas, 365 días al año

Technical support

Our service is available for you 7x24hrs in whole year

We build your App

We will give you suggestions about what function incorporates the app for your event. We offer you our experience to help you get the maximum benefit from the app.

Technical support/video conference

We can provide all you need to resolve the accidents as soon as poossbile (soonest) with the efficient wayy. We can resolve all your puzzles through the most comforable way, like phone call, videoconference, email, etc.

A personal event for you

If you want us to offer you special technical arrangements to make your apps personal and 100% dedicated to your event.